Friday, 24 February 2012

Practivist of the Week - Mike Eagle

Practivism = pragmatic, proactive, promotable activism.

How old are you, if you don’t mind?


What is the main focus of your practivism at this time and how does that manifest?

It's mostly trying to promote the arts as therapy for folks in impoverished communities.  Even in not so impoverished ones actually -- just really attempting to be an example of what the arts are here for.  It's not a commercial endeavor at its core; it's a way to express all the things we experience that can't be said.

The main project that I'm working on now is a cultural exchange program, with myself and Los Angeles producer Ras G.  We will visit and work with young musicians in Uganda.  We're still raising the funds needed to make it happen though -- you can help by donating.

What route did you take to get here?

Just being a performer and a musician and coming to understand what psychological needs were being met by this outlet, and traveling enough to see how constrained we are as a people, especially if one lives in any sort of difficult financial or social situation. 

I want to help people understand that we have tools to deal with the heavy parts of life.

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