Thursday, 5 May 2011

which leads me to letting it happen (and also 29/30)

The Bar there is a 29/30 down here in this post, but first onto what inspired it.

April's super-fun and highly interactive labyrinth installation The King & the Minotaur by Wignall and Moore at Babel Studios a workspace for creatives that encourages collaboration and communication.

If you didn't check it out you missed being led into a converted stable space filled with panels and secret passageways, sculptural items (some living) hidden in corners, dancing girls, video, live music and even grilled meat. 

This is a before picture.  There will be no after pictures.

Feeling a little shy and lonely (no for real!), I found a corner underneath David Ibbett's above ground mini-music studio to hang out.  

He was creating an impromptu score for the evening from on high while I tucked into a corner on a bale of hay and wrote a poem (ah...29/30 -- it all connects eventually in the labyrinth).  

There's still hay on my keyboard.  Well, everywhere, really.
Bottles and bottles of the stuff

Later,  I was somehow induced (vanity? redemption?) to spit a poem from one of the rickety wooden ladders which was mighty scary.  Very glad I didn't start with the lovely Sipsmith's Gin until after... 

There was so much awesomeness involved I decided to pop by the next night to take pictures and maybe catch a set from one of my favorite acts, the Hackney Colliery Banda brass hip hop cover band.  

As usual, their sex was on fire, I forgot to leave to make it to the Freewheelers/Gideon Conn show and ended up staying all night.  

Sometimes it's hard to choose between all your favorite bands.

It can be daunting how much work it takes to make something that is beautiful and inspiring in real time.   

Words aren't like buildings - they come or they don't, they are stubborn on Thursdays, they drop from your fingertips on Sunday mornings, they last but they are never actually real.

The labyrinth will come down, but it was there.  Art created to create more art and more life.  Excellent premise and achievement.

Oh - yes - 29/30:

site specific
(king and minotaur- for brad and james)

in babel
behind the screens
years shielded from knowing
what became of them
the smell of burnt burning
offerings brick dust earth underfoot

he says
is this happening
she says
he says
letting it happen

these are the details of
muslin stretch of time
we are lit ground up
built ceiling down

love is
a 4-letter word
best forgotten
amidst begotten frivolity
taste delirious on tongue

this trip
you might not want to take
this trip
you might already have taken
this trip
has no name

the pretty girls swirl angles
don’t have enough clothes
their bodies
partitioned by
weights and balances


this rain
spits fire
this fire
spits conversation
this conversation
gets louder and louder
I get quieter quieter
in my corner
on a bale of hay
bumbling toward meaning

there is an order
intentional getting lost
spatial octave defined
for infinite riff

but meaning
has departed on
the Eurostar
hoping to escape the hype
and remember
everything is fine
everything is fine
it is.

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