Thursday, 5 May 2011

28/30 - CRAZY (A Sort of Recipe)


Stop scouring my damage
on hands and knees with bleach
hanging it out to dry

Let my moods swing Dizzy
on a hot night stead of trading
riffs for aums, mantras and sitting

Lay the ugly out on platters
serve it to my closest
finest meal in Hell’s Kitchen

Carefully assemble philatelize every
postage stamp of abuse ever sent to me
trade on eBay

Take worst of me
Dress it Diva
False eyelash it
Platform heel it
Sing it loud and an octave out of range
Name it Love
Give it to You.

This approach seems to work
for a lot of people.

I will crawl up into saturn’s rings
rest there in chunky gravity
til uncrazy features in Huff Post style.

It may be a good long nap.

c. e. amato

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