Sunday, 22 February 2015

Quote of the Week - Almond

"Life isn't some narcissistic game you play online. It all matters -- every sin, every regret, every affliction... I happen to believe that America is dying of loneliness. That we, as a people, have bought into the false dream of convenience, and turned away from a deep engagement with out internal lives..." 
~ Steve Almond, 
from the Introduction to Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar

Wow. And wow. Those are two quotes, really - that ellipsis is about a paragraph and a half; I just couldn't resist the two powerful thoughts.

Angelique Palmer had me re-looking at Cheryl Strayed. I had tried reading Wild after having a residency at Playa Summer Lake, where it was partly written, but to no avail. But Angelique pointed me to Tiny Beautiful Things which sounded much more amenable. At the moment, I'm just taking in the power of this introduction, somewhat afraid to turn more pages.

Yes, America is dying of loneliness, and online narcissism presents as a symptom of that illness. The look at me please culture is just really very much wishing for a good hug or deep engagement. It's why I run from this place every chance I get and the next time, I won't know of any reason to come back.

That's a classic Ansel Adams photograph up top.

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