Sunday, 4 January 2015

Quote of the Week - Hell

"We must have a culture that embraces attempts at the unsolvable and therefore we must also celebrate failure." 
~ Stefan Hell, Nobel Laureate Chemistry, 2014
Failure. We hate it.

But what if it's the only way to get to a new place, idea, or process? What if failure is the only road map we have to success?

Exploration, experimentation, and essentially getting lost in the weeds is what has moved civilization forward at every turn. Following your gut, your heart, and your intellect, no matter where they lead, even when you appear to be going far astray is perhaps the one human quality that makes us an interesting species. Aiming high and not giving up is what Hell is embracing here. Scary, but it is a formula proven to win.

It's the first Monday of 2015. Make it count. Fail up.

Thanks to Andreas Grant for this one!

N.B.: I couldn't verify this specific quote, which comes from Nobel Minds, which is not posted online yet, but it's similar to the tone he took in his Banquet Speech.

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Bunmi Hazzan said...

Failure is its own rewards