Sunday, 25 January 2015

Quote of the Week - Bjork

"If you can make nature and technology friends, then you can make everyone friends; you can make everyone intact. That’s what women do a lot—they’re the glue between a lot of things. Not only artists, but whatever job they do: in the office, or homemakers. Biophilia was like my own personal slapstick joke, showing I had to reach so long—between solar systems—to connect everything. It’s like the end scene in Mary Poppins, when she’s made everyone friends, and the father realizes that kids are more important than money—and [then] she has to leave [crying]. It’s a strange moment. Women are the glue. It’s invisible, what women do. It’s not rewarded as much." 

This whole article/interview in Pitchfork by Jessica Hopper is more than worth a read. I can't wait for the whole version and can't wait to hear Bjork's new album - Vulnicura.

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