Monday, 12 May 2014

Quote of the Week - Rosoff

"I was coming around to the belief that whether you liked it or not, Things Happen and once they start happening you pretty much just have to hold on for dear life and see where they drop you when they stop." 
~Meg Rosoff, How I Live Now

I found How I LIve Now when I was browsing library ebooks and it felt like someone had written pages right from my life. I'm not a big YA reader, but I had to read it. It took about 2 days to finish it - I just fell in.

People like to think they're in control - especially American people. Truth is, you are only in control if you insulate yourself completely - and that's not life - and even that will only work for so long.

And that's ok. It's not about control. It's all about the letting go. Following the river.

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