Sunday, 18 May 2014

Quote of the Week - Oberst

“Don’t look down
just cross the bridge

And when you get there
you’ll know why you did.

There’s a better life
on the other side

It’s your double life
on the other side

It’s your second life
on the side.”

~ Conor Oberst, “Double Life,” Upside Down Mountain

I was so scared of bridges when I was little, I'd crouch down in the back seat so as not to see. I wasn't too crazy about tunnels, either. (Which is bad, now I think about it since I was definitely part of the B&T set.)

I'd not thought about bridges as parts of life, not in this way…some things are just to be crossed - not processed or feared or anticipated. Just keep moving.

It's definitely the moment for some new Oberst. This is feeling like a good companion to Beck's Morning Phase. You're listening to that, right?

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