Monday, 3 March 2014

Quote of the Week - Dench

"It's the rudest word in my dictionary, 'retire,'" she says forcefully. "And 'old' is another one. I don't allow that in my house. And being called 'vintage.' I don't want any of those old words. I like 'enthusiastic' and I like the word 'cut' because that means you've finished the shot." She adds, "I heard a woman being interviewed on the radio the other day who was 105, and I expected this very frail voice, but this wonderful voice came out and she said to this reporter who was interviewing her, 'I'll tell you one thing,' she said, 'Don't stop anything. I never stop anything I'm doing because otherwise I'll never get started again.' And I thought, 'That'll do.'"

~Judi Dench

I picked this quote out for this week before Cate Blanchett's mention of Judi Dench's work ethic at the Oscars. I picked it because I don't think creative people ever retire - they may shift focus, but creativity is a daily practise to be encouraged.

Indiewire thinks it's been a good awards season for women.  Maybe it has. Thanks to Cate Blanchett for calling attention to the "women's movie" myth. Thanks to Lupita Nyongo for bringing so much enthusiasm back to the craft. To Jennifer Lawrence for her incredibly honest and completely open-hearted enthusiasm for the announcement of Lupita Nyongo as winner of an award they were both up for - watch the clip if you didn't see it the first time.

We are supposed to be having fun, I think sometimes, we forget that.

And it is easy to forget, when sets become stressful and dangerous places.  Thank you Sarah Jones for reminding us to have boundaries, be safe and to love what we do enthusiastically without putting ourselves in harm's way. Your smile is forever and we will make changes.

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