Monday, 10 March 2014

Quote of the Week - Abzug

"They used to give us a day--it was called International Women's Day. In 1975 they gave us a year, the Year of the Woman. Then from 1975 to 1985 they gave us a decade, the Decade of the Woman. I said at the time, who knows, if we behave they may let us into the whole thing. Well, we didn't behave and here we are.” 
~ Bella Abzug

Well. Here we are. Again or still.

But hey - let's celebrate!  It's Women's History Month and we just had International Women's Day and we are celebrating all month on the Zestyverse with guest contributors on the Women You Should Know series. Last week's post from Siofra McSherry was on Olivia Robertson.  This week we'll have Melissa Hacker on Dorothy Arzner.

We could use more of Bella's feisty nature, political savvy and sense of humour - not to mention the hats!

Your prompt for the week >>>>> misbehave!  Why not? She would've!  Wear big hats, speak out, be your own damn self!

Happy Monday!

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