Thursday, 21 November 2013

Giving Thanks! Kindle Countdown Promotion!

Amidst the ever-swirling controversy surrounding Thanksgiving, one thing we seem to all agree on is that it's great to focus on gratitude.  In that spirit, I've done a Kindle Countdown promotion for my first collection of poetry Swimming Through Amber.

From November 21st (today!) to November 28th (That Holiday!) you can get my book for a reduced price.  It will start at 99 cents and gradually go up until it reaches it's list price of $4.99.  So the earlier, the better!  Click and get yours!


like a snowflake 
I taste you on my tongue 
microcosmic refreshment 
pure fleeting symmetry   
gravity’s gift 
falling into my open 
like I am 
meteorology’s mistress   

like a snowflake 
you melt whole 
inside the warmth 
of my kiss.

E. Amato
Swimming Through Amber,  Zesty Publications

You can also pick up my Kindle only book 5:  Poems and Images from Morocco for the always low price of $1.99 -- or FREE if you're an Amazon Prime member!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday wherever you are and whatever you do!  Thanks for all the support you give to art and artists.

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