Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Practivist of the Week - Adam Wedd

Adam Wedd

How old are you, if you don’t mind?

I'm 28 . but what's age in the context of eternity :P?

What is the main focus of your practivism at this time and how does that manifest?

2 things. To enable every person to shine like stars in their communities and to write songs that articulate the spiritual emotional journeys of people - and to have as much fun as possible along the way! We run music workshops and open mic nights at a drop in café that's open 5 nights a week in the basement of a theatre. The vision is for every young person to explore their voice, have it heard, understood and affirmed! We also run a youth magazine which is going to have 8000 physical copies printed next year reaching the schools of west Kent. We also record young artists for free and have just had a young persons song we recorded at the café played on BBC Kent radio, which is nice!

What route did you take to get here?

I've always walked the line between being a youth worker and song-writing tea drinking performing extrovert. I fell into youth work as a result of older wiser people pouring their wisdom and time into me and song-writing has been a way I've connected with the world on a daily basis since age 12. Though I don't feel like I've arrived anywhere, on a very long adventure! I started working for the YMCA London South West running a range of youth work projects, namely Music Room which is still going and is a space for young people to come and learn an instrument for free and to be able to explore performing, recording and other aspects of the art and craft.

You can check out the youth café here

Editor's Note:  Adam has an amazing gig coming up on November 29th in London - it's a huge collaboration - check it out!

Practivism = Proactive, pragmatic, promotable activism.  

Are you a practivist?  Do you turn your talents and energy into helping community, sustainability, youth, equality?  Do you know a practivist?  If so, the Zestyverse wants to feature you - send a message!  

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