Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Things That Make You Go Yum --- Cambridge Edition! (Overdue fosho!)

Okay - the major yum of Cambridge was the gathering of hundreds of poets from all over the world for the 2011 National Poetry Slam!

Between all that - I had a little time for some local flavour (ok - to be fair - most of it of the coffee variety).

Besides hanging out with old friends and their kiddles, I found a few spots around Harvard Square worth seeking out.


Clover Food Lab
Vegetarian fast food at a reasonable price?  I love me some Veggie Grill, but to be honest, sometimes lunch can be $20 for a sandwich and a drink.  Cambridge is a college town, and students don't put up with prices like that, thankfully.  Everything on Clover's menu seems to be $2, $3, $4 or $5.  All the large plates are $5.  There's a cool pixel board that tells you what's to eat.  The atmosphere is decidedly utilitarian and sparse, but against a backdrop of brick and ivy - a spacious change.

I had the Egg and Eggplant Plate, which sounds a little weird.  It was yummy though.  Their hummus is amazing.  I only wished I could get back to try more!


The hotel WiFi scenario was absurd, and I got pretty sick of Starbucks for the work/caffeine combo.  So, I sought out a new spot, and found Tealuxe.

Right - so not as cheap as Starbucks, but a good selection of teas, hot and iced and Boba!

 Great pastries, and a kind of old secret library feel.  I sat under the spiral staircase and spent some quality time working with a nice cup of Ti Kwan Yin and some pumpkin tea loaf.

They have tea quotes on the walls and sell their teas loose by the ounce, as well.  Yum.


Amongst the book shops, university shops, ice cream places, and cafes, is this one, odd place that seems like it might be from another century.  Or, in fact, another nother century.

 Leavitt & Peirce have been in business in Harvard Square over 100 years.  They sell things you never imagined anyone selling anymore.  They sell pipes and pipe tobacco and shaving accessories.  They sell fountain pens, flasks, and other gentlemanly items.  They sell beautiful games of backgammon and chess.  I wss filled with the desire to buy someone a pipe!

They are altogether an anomaly in the space-time continuum.

I love them.

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