Saturday, 27 August 2011

Irene Cooking and Waiting

Well, prepped some coffee and some rice.  Made awesome pesto - a variation on a recipe from Susan Marque.  I made pumpkin seed/basil pesto.  Yum.

With all the cooking, I missed Mojo.  Went out for the last walk and they were closed and waiting for their taxi home to Brooklyn!  They told me the city is actually planning to shut off the power down here if the storm gets bad.  So it looks like I'll definitely be in the dark for a while.

Things to do in the dark without the internet:

Read a book (By flashlight?  Is that a good use of resources?)
Talk on the phone (Using battery, hm)
Write until the computer battery almost dies
Make salad - be careful of knives in the dark
Make a lanyard (I never learned to do this - I've never done those summer camp things.  I always wanted to make a lanyard.  I bet I could find the stuff to do it and instructions by googling.  This seems like something you could do in the almost dark that might make you feel like you were doing something useful.)
Practise poems
Don't Panic
Remember something funny about someone
Think about the person you would most like to be with in time of emergency and send them psychic messages using the forcefield energy of the hurricane

Twister PosterOn the way back from not going to Mojo, I saw a woman in a Milky Way t-shirt (the galaxy, not the chocolate bar).  It seemed appropriate after image after image of the hurricane swirl.  Should've taken a picture.

Can the US Open go on as scheduled?  Where's the big Irene slumber party/film festival?  Why didn't I organize it?

Hypothetical Irene Film Festival Schedule:

Singin in the Rain
Twister (1996)
Twister (1989)
The Wiz
The Wizard of Oz
A Hatful of Rain
The Hurricane

Okay - that's not a real list....

What would the real list be?

Singin in the Rain (why not?)
Twister (1989)
Dead Man
Ghost Dog
Breakfast at Tiffany's (always on a rainy day)
Lord of the Rings - Fellowship
Wet, Hot, American Summer

Okay - that's a pretty good start.  I'm open to suggestions.  And something I haven't seen before.

Here's my friend Kal doing her amazing song "Breakfast at Tiffany's", at her support gig for Ed Sheeran - was a great night:

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