Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Monday's Quote on Tuesday - Haskell

But one of the attributes of love, like art, is to bring harmony and order out of chaos, to introduce meaning and affect where before there was none, to give rhythmic variations, highs and lows to a landscape that was previously flat.
- Molly Haskell
From Reverence to Rape: The Treatment of Women in the Movies
Molly Haskell is one of my favorite film writers.  Her book, From Reverence to Rape, about the depiction of women in cinema, is a seminal tome of feminist film criticism.  She's sharp and insightful.  She's also married to fantastic film critic Andrew Sarris, another of my favorite writers and thinkers.
Maybe she's put her finger on why it's so easy to be intoxicated by art and by love - maybe it is what we have replaced our connection to nature with - a feeling of being carried along on a definitive journey.

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