Friday, 20 August 2010

change just rearranges

You can keep fighting change, but it just rearranges itself.  You can't outrun it; you can tire yourself out chasing it.  While we slouch toward entropy, our spiritual progression is undeniable, as if we are getting fitter spiritually while the universe spreads and becomes increasingly complex.

There will be gay marriage.  Universally.

There will be a new mosque in lower Manhattan.  (Maybe not this one, this time, but there will.)

You can't un-open the doors of equality and progression in the human spirit.  You cannot fight change, but you can exhaust yourself trying.  You can hate so hard that you forget to build your own life.

We cannot legislate backward.  Like we will never fully be able to recover the privacies we lost during the Bush Administration, we also will not lose the gains we've made on the roads to equality.  The march slows down, speeds up, gets a nice downhill clip sometimes, but the addage holds true:  forward ever, backward never.

No effort is ever wasted.

I don't know when there will be unilateral access to marriage for same-sex couples, or when U.S. citizens will embrace Islam as a part of its diverse culture.  But I do like the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for odds-makers.  I'd bet on those holding up.

Gays in the military?  Yup.

Peace in the Middle East?  Can't say.  Just can't say.

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