Monday, 12 April 2010

don't be naming no buildings

after me - she sings. i agree.

but how about a bench?

i sat on his bench today in abingdon square. the plaque read:

For John Santoianni,
Remover of obstacles, Diviner of
goodness in friends and even Strangers,
friend of Charmaine.
Have a seat.

a bench seems good to me. sitting on the bench of a ganesha with an italian name seemed just fine. the bulbs and spring flowers were blooming and i secretly thanked charmaine for her largesse.

when i got home, i googled him, and found his obituary.

we had a lot in common. he didn't live that long. but he has a bench in the village where people can come, stop, set a while and write some poems.

thanks for the seat.

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