Sunday, 14 December 2014

Quote of the Week - Capra

I was separated from this quote for a long time and you would think - oh the internet - but no. I couldn't find this one anywhere online, even though I knew some of it. Glad to be reunited with it's paper version, now scanned and saved. That little check in the lower right hand corner means it was already a Quote of the Week on some earlier version of this blog. Never mind. It bears repeating.

In case you can't read my handwriting:

Don't follow trends; start trends.
Don't compromise.
Believe in yourself, because only the valiant can create.
Only the daring should make films,
and only the morally courageous are worthy of speaking to their fellow man
for two and half hours in the dark.
~ Frank Capra

Words to live and create by.  When was the last time you heard the word "valiant" or the words "morally courageous?" There's an inherent respect for the craft, its power and the audience here that seems to have gone missing. Let's get it back - shall we? Not just in film, in everything we create.

In the wake of the ongoing leaks from the Sony hack, it's good to be reminded that perhaps, if we can believe Capra at his word, and his films, then the entertainment business wasn't always so mean-spirited and dismissive.

It's the season for It's A Wonderful Life, but maybe it's a good moment to take a look at Mr. Smith Goes to Washington for a pre-Scandal take on Washington corruption and the power of one voice when it represents the many.

Perhaps it's time for a new model - even post-Capra. While it's always great to have the privileged guy with the strong moral center stand up for the little guys, it's even better when we can all have a seat at the table and advocate for ourselves.

Have a peaceful week. Take a stand. See what happens.

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