Sunday, 12 October 2014

Quote of the Week - The Good Wife

"When you control the food, you control the people." 
~ The Good Wife*

Beautifully succinct, from a sub-plot about the re-planting of GMO seeds (which is currently considered a crime by seed companies, even if you bought them in the first place).

As someone self-healing through nutrition, I sometimes wonder how other people's bodies work on the foods they ingest. Can a body work optimally on KFC or McDonalds?

We all worry about the Orwellian state, the Huxleyan globe, the seemingly inevitable medicating of the population.

What if it's already here?

Do we need drugs to be mood or mind controlled when the foods we eat contain chemicals that send our bodies and minds spinning in bit torrents we cannot control?

Try spending a week off sugar. Go into an average super market in your neighborhood and try to buy foods that don't contain it. See how you do. We know what sugar does, how harmful it can be, yet we seemingly have no control over how much of it is in our diets. As you stand there and read ingredients from cereals you thought didn't have sugar (Cheerios) to breads to soups, you might find yourself shocked.

Who controls your food?

Who controls your body?

*Episode "Dear God" written by Luke Schelhaas, original air date October 5, 2014

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