Monday, 18 August 2014

Quote of the Week - Evert

“The ball’s not going to go towards her; she has to go towards the ball.” 
~ Chris Evert on Kerber’s serve/toss

I love tennis. I love playing it and I love watching it. Evert's comment on Kerber's serve, though, could be about anything. Replace the word "ball" with the thing you have identified as your goal, love, desire, next project, vision, healing -- and go toward it.

Kerber couldn't hear Evert up in the booth unfortunately, and Serena won the match - and with it, the tournament. It seems like such a simple adjustment, yet sometimes you need someone to tell you what the simple adjustment is or you can't get there. 

It's Monday. A whole new week of fresh starts to check in and move towards your purpose.

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