Monday, 28 July 2014

Quote of the Week - Lynch

“Quite often, when we are talking about beauty, we are talking about wood.”  
~ David Lynch, Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces Premiere 

How could I resist? It's the 25th anniversary of Twin Peaks! Yes!

He really said this, promise - I saw it! But you don't have to believe me - there's a video, too.

The Missing Pieces were like a string of short, experimental films. Each one with its own little mystery. Great filmmaking is great filmmaking, even when it's the part that doesn't make the cut. Even the tiniest clips were telling a story. It was a powerful reminder of what cinema can do in the right hands. And that just because it's beautiful and you love it, it doesn't mean it goes into the final cut.

Hope you have a beautiful week filled with coffee, pie, and mysterious beauty!

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