Monday, 10 June 2013

Quote of the Week - Malcolm

"The phenomenon of transference – how we all invent each other according to early blueprints – was Freud’s most original and radical discovery. The idea of infant sexuality and of the Oedipus complex can be accepted with a good deal more equanimity than the idea that the most precious and inviolate of entities – personal relations – is actually a messy jangle of misapprehensions, at best an uneasy truce between powerful solitary fantasy systems. Even (or especially) romantic love is fundamentally solitary, and has at its core a profound impersonality. The concept of transference at once destroys faith in personal relations and explains why they are tragic: we cannot know each other."

- Janet Malcolm

Yeah, this is speaking to me at the moment.  Part of my questioning on situational identity.  Are wedifferent people in different places with different stimuli.  The idea of identity shifting so much feels uncomfortable, but maybe it is actually how things work.

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