Monday, 23 July 2012

Quote of the Week - Plutarch

"It is therefore essential for us to make sure, first, that we approach words in a way that is beneficial to ourselves, and second, where other people are concerned, that we do so not because we empty glory or public recognition, but rather because we want to be taught and to teach.  Above all, we must make sure that, when investigating issues,there is no trace of rivalry and contentiousness, and that we have stopped supplying ourselves with arguments as if they were boxing thongs or padded gloves to be used against one another, and no longer prefer bludgeoning others to the ground to learning and teaching,  Reasonableness and civility during discussions, neither embarking on conversations competitively nor ending them in anger, neither crowing if an argument is won nor sulking if it is lost -- all this is the behaviour of someone who is progressing nicely." 
- Plutarch

For all my verbal pugilists...maybe it's time for some rethinking?

Happy Monday.

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