Monday, 25 June 2012

Quote of the Week - Slotkin

"Money is always attached to people -- it doesn't have any power by itself. You can't really run out of money, you can only run out of people -- they are the source of money. So fear of running out of money, is the fear of running out of people, or being abandoned and alone. Difficult financial situations are often characterized by feeling alone and abandoned. When you address your deep-seated feelings of abandonment and aloneness, your financial difficulties will begin to fade. A seemingly simple solution for a complex problem." 
- Joan Slotkin

Wow.  I found this pretty powerful when I first read it. I stumbled across it again today, and in light of the last few weeks, it's much more resonant.  Money has never been more about people to me than it is right now - in the midst of this tragedy, people's generosity feels like a direct challenge to all we know and resist about money on a daily basis.

What if community equals money?  Sharing equals money?  Giving equals money?  What if it is all about the Benjamins...and the Matthews and the Lauras and the Ellens...what if money is transactional energy we can share at will?  What else could it possibly be?

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