Monday, 23 April 2012

Quote of the Week - Mike D.

"You could call me a straight-up amateur.  But that hasn't stopped me before.  And that hasn't stopped me here." 
- Mike D. on curating at MOCA (from an interview on KCRW)

Being professional is great.  It's a good feeling to have some command of your chosen turf.  But everyone starts as an amateur.  Everyone.  You'll never get anywhere if you're not willing to move through that.  You'll never surprise yourself.  You'll never grow.

What if the Beastie Boys told themselves before Cooky Puss - we're a bunch of white dudes from the NYC/BK with no hip hop skills - we can't do this?

Yet, I bet you listen to that loop in your head a whole lot.

It's Monday - put your karma on straight and get out in the fight.

Nothing should stop you.

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