Thursday, 26 January 2012

Practivist of the Week - YOU helping Tara Hardy

I saw this woman on stage once.  Once.  And she wrung out every drop of salt and water inside me.  We couldn't even stay for the rest of the readers -- we were exhausted and exhilarated from seeing her.  She is at once fierce and elegant, a writer who spares her audience nothing, yet refines each turn of phrase to release maximum meaning.

She is a no holds barred as a writer and a performer.  She is a veteran of the grind that is writing, stages, touring, and our particular kind of freelance lifestyle where money comes when it comes and health insurance is a rare commodity.

She is in trouble.  You can help.  The goal is $10,000 and they are more than halfway there.  Please donate.  CLICK HERE.  Thank you.

I'll let you see for yourself:

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