Friday, 14 October 2011

Nashville Is Sooooooo BRATTY!

BratIt's no secret that Brat in Santa Monica is my fave place to shop.  They have the coolest clothes at the best prices, and their own bratty style.  Owner Nancy is a style icon and the nicest Midwest Gal hanging out in LA ever!  She's been dressing punks, poets, and derby chicks in LA for 30 years (for those who remember NaNa in LA - I always went to the NY one).

With her red hair, big smile, and fun style, Nancy is the heart of Brat.  It's her birthday this week - so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Thank you for giving us full closets on empty bank accounts!

My first time in Nashville and boy is it BRATTY!  Here's a pic of the first clothing store I stumbled upon.  I made my friend stop the mini-van so I could get out:

These Cowgirls don't get the blues - they sing them!

Clearly anyone who can subtitle themselves "Ranch Dressing" is my kinda chick.  Inside was a mix of Vintage and new - they have a seamstress on site to tailor or do custom orders.  I wanted the black, red and white cowboy boots with hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs on them, a slim, pencil skirt dress with a faux fur leopard collar, all the crinolines, and a red plaid (I mean tartan) jumper (I mean a dress you wear oversomething else, not a sweater) mini-dress.

Nashville is a city that knows itself and is comfortable with what it is.  This is not so easy as you think.  It means it doesn't fake swagger, it just is.

Crossing the border into Tennessee, you quickly realize that this is where music lives.  I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in this whole city who can't play a guitar. They are serious about guitars and Jesus here.   They seem to take everything else in stride.

I'd no idea the Americana Music Festival was on - OMG - we were too late for passes and wristbands, but might try to wrestle our way into a venue tonight.  Also happening this weekend is the Southern Festival of Books which we hope to check out Sunday.  Have hung out at the Scarritt-Bennett Gallery and Cafe which brings together artists, performance artists, writers with a focus on women, spirituality and confronting racism.

So far the coffee is good, the weather is fine and we're feeling awlright.

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