Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Practivist of the Week - Updates on Ongoing Campaigns!

You may remember that Zestyverse has featured several opportunities to help worthwhile artists and organizations.  We decided to check in and see how they're doing.


The Forest Cafe is moving forward with fundraising, despite some glitches in the matrix. Their current building has been sold. So far, they've raised half of their 50,000 GBP goal!

Harry Giles, the Forest’s Fundraising Officer, said:
“This is an opportunity to run an even more amazing free arts space, so there’s no better time for people to get involved with The Forest. The collective welcomes people to help and actively decide Forest’s future by finding a new premises. This is a chance to develop new arts projects."
For more information and TO DONATE - CLICK HERE!


went to Glastonbury!  They raised enough funds to cover flights for everyone!  If you want to donate to help them cover the costs or accommadations, ground transportation, and pints, you can DONATE VIA PAYPAL or you can do it the old fashioned way - mail a check to Ellyn Maybe P.O. Box 10363 Marina del Rey, CA 90295-6363.


So far Sandbloom has raised over $2,300 in cash donations and $2,000 in in-kind donations for the project.  That puts him about 20% of the way to his original goal.

Says Sandbloom:
"So many people wanted to help in so many ways -- engineers wanting to lend studio time, designers offering artwork, etc. It just raised awareness about the project on the whole. Couldn't be happier."
The online campaign has ended, however, you can still donate - CLICK HERE TO SEND SANDBLOOM AN EMAIL!


True to their vision of excellence, persistance and spontaneity, BAZ Productions is changing their approach to fundraising now that their initial approach to the Arts Council was not granted.  With 13,000 GBP left to raise, they are stepping their game up by re-applying for a smaller amount to the Council, looking at corporate funding and continuing their efforts to fund through their network.

You can still DONATE TO THEIR CAMPAIGN VIA PAYPAL, or by check as follows:

Baz Productions LLP,

17 Ferris Road, London, SE22 9ND
LLP no: OC348492

Micro-financing and crowd-funding can work to help artists achieve their dreams of creating worthwhile projects which are meaningful to their communities.  Their have been many successful campaigns.  What's truly empowering about these is not only the financial support, but the acknowledgement by the community, or the audience, while the artist/s are creating the art, that this art already has meaning and should be sustained.  It's very buoying to know that your process itself is appreciated.

It doesn't matter if you can only donate $1 or $100 - it's getting in on the action that counts.  Being there at the inception of something great.  Sharing a vision.  Giving a hand up.  Knowing that these artists won't give up until they have expressed what is inside them and given it to the world.

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