Monday, 14 March 2011

Monday's Quote - No quote

I don't have a quote for today.  The world has erupted in the last week, and nothing seems appropriate.  From Libya to Wisconsin to Japan the inner and outer landscapes have shifted so dramatically - the Northern Japanese coastline has sunk 2 feet and widened by 13 inches -  it feels that we are on completely new ground.

What seems clear to me is that we need less power, not more.  Less nuclear power.  No oil drilling.  Tectonic plates will do what they do, but drilling the lubricant and buffer zone for those plates right out of the earth has never seemed like a good idea to me.  (I'm not even making this up - check out this article.  Or this one.  Or this blog on Haiti's earthquake with numerous links.)  Imagine how your bones would move if all of your tendons and cartilage were suddenly removed from your body.

Time to find new balance.

I'm attempting to take today off, as I am completely crushed by travel and exhaustion.  You can see it's working really well so far.

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