Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President:

When you get up tonight in front of the nation, in front of the world, please say what we need to hear. And please, mean it this time.

You’ve had the type of global support no leader has ever mustered and yet you’ve managed to squander the power and energy of that support over the past year through inconsistent policy-crafting, continuation of troubling precedents set by the previous administration, and abandoning the grassroots populist ideals that got you elected.

As a citizen, I would say that you have failed on health care, you have failed on job creation, you have failed on big banking, you have failed on government transparency, and you have failed by escalating violent conflict.

You have set a tone of change, but have not set your policy as one of change.

As for those who say your supporters are disappointed in Rahm Emanuel and where he is leading your administration, I can only ask, “What did they expect?” Rahm Emanuel is an uber-insider, power-player, and meta spin-doctor, as are most of your closest advisors.

Please get up there tonight, and speak truth to power – your own power, given to you by the people of the United States – and then take action in the direction of that truth.

Please do not make me go get a t-shirt made up that says “Don’t blame me – I voted for Hillary in the primary.”

Thank you.

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