Sunday, 7 December 2008

spirit teaching

Since I've been on this trip, I've noticed some unusual occurrences. On certain days I've noticed almost total strangers opening up to me within minutes of meeting. I've also noticed wisdom coming to me from very unexpected sources.

Each person who has opened up to me has wanted or needed something very simple to shift their energy. In turn, when I've found myself needing a shift, something has always seemed to transpire at the right moment.

Today, again, I had an experience. My housemate J. put me onto the Christmas Fair at Sutton House, which is directly across the street. It is a National Trust preserved Tudor House.

They had a fantastic crafts fair of lovely things. I had about 2 pounds in my pocket, and I really needed those, but I was just happy to view the different artists and their arts. There is something much more magical and with a lighter touch to the arts here. I can't explain it, but when we use symbols -- mermaids and stars and moons and things -- it so often becomes forced or kitchy. The things I saw today with those symbols were really delightful and mystical.

One woman had fabulous miniatures and watercolours and wonderful woolen art. She talked to me and upon finding out I was from the U.S., she mentioned that she had lived in Virginia for a long time. She left when her husband died, and her children were only 1 and 3, and came back to London . She seemed very sad. She said she used to go back often -- her sheep are there, which is where she gets her wool -- and felt blocked from going back lately. She is thinking maybe she will go back in 2010. As she spoke to me, she became fer klempt, for lack of a better term. When a new customer came to her table she seemed delighted to change the subject and her aura back to the professional selling her wares.

Something really struck me about her. I had taken her card and sent her an email. I felt that maybe I had something to tell her. I thought hard and sent her a message of support and clarity.

Then I started thinking about how this trip has gone. And the idea of Spirit-teaching came to me. The idea that we are daily teachers and taught if we only pay attention and are mindful. I am deciding to cultivate this and to see if I can document one event daily where I am sought as teacher and one where I am taught. Today, this event was both. I felt her connecting to me for some strong reason as if I were going to channel something to her. And then I felt brought to awareness about this process by the incident.

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