Sunday, 15 March 2015

Quote of the Week - Nelson

Why don't I have this shirt?

"...with every tweet I am concerned about the ramifications, the blowback from living my politics in an unbounded public space. It feels professionally and personally risky to simply speak the truth of my life."

Yes! YES! Yessssss!

This quote is from a great article on the risks of public feminism. Post-gamergate, I think it may be time to face the fact that there are risks and personal trauma associated with being a feminist out loud. 

Nelson goes on to say, "However, increasingly, I am finding that this kind of conservative self-policing is not worth it ..." I want to believe her. I want to believe she will keep speaking, you will keep speaking and I will keep speaking the truth of our lives.

And really - why don't I have that shirt? And yes, Willow Smith is m style icon of the moment.

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