Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Practivist of the Week - Queen Sheba

Editor's note:  It's true - we've been sadly devoid of our weekly practivist features for a while.  Maybe it's cause all those practivists are working too hard to take the time to answer some silly questions.  So, yay to Sheba, who answered the questionnaire I sent her, oh, ages ago.  She's so focused on her practivism, she hasn't at all let you in on how incredibly cool, talented, and hard-working she is, but if you click on her name, you can get to her website.  Then you'll wonder how she even has time for this running stuff.  P.S.  If you know a practivist - or are a practivist - get in touch!

There she is!  Waving and smiling!
Queen Sheba

How old are you, if you don’t mind?

 I mind.

What is the main focus of your practivism at this time and how does that manifest?

Hmmmmm...I've been getting everyone I can think of into running. Losing weight, getting back, or into, shape.  Fighting.  Diabetes and obesity in the African-American community.  I belong to a great national organization called Black Girls Run!

I do NOT own, run, control or manage this organization. I DO volunteer several hours a week as a Speed Training Run Leader and spread the Good Word as an enthusiastic BGR Ambassador.

What route did you take to get here?

I used to run as a child and young adult. Then, every now and then as an adult, when I would start to gain weight.  But, never long enough to make it a habit.

This time last year (October-ish 2010), I was 45lbs. overweight, drinking every night in poetry clubs, eating late night and oversleeping.  (Yes.)  I wasn't exercising at all.

A new friend introduced me to one of their friends that runs ONE race a year: the Publix Half-Marathon in Atlanta and asked me to join her.  I snapped my fingers, literally, and changed my mind on all those self-abusive behaviors.

We started training a few days later.

I changed my eating habits and stopped drinking completely through June 2011 and dropped 30lbs.  No crash diets. I wanted to teach myself, learn how to eat this time.

I didn't meet BGR until late June and have been reppin' us all over the country.

I enjoy being an athlete again and I'm telling everyone about running.

Get in shape. For YOUR life. For the rest of your life.

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