Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Word Begins!

Will you just go cause I tell you to go, LA?

Cause I really don't have time to do the proper blog thing right now.

But I best suggest that you head to the incredible Rogue Machine Theatre (yup - they do consistently great productions here) for the latest 2-man/1-man show from Steve Connell and Sekou Andrews.


Because their writing is sharp, insightful, poignant, funny, entertaining and elating.  Their performance is passionate, energetic, inspired, and brave.

Steve Connell/Sekou Andrews
These are courageous performers, willing to put on stage both what you want to hear, and what you do not think you want to hear.  They have dug deep in this one and are dancing with their shadows to bring out the tough truths about who we are right here, right now.

Sekou Andrews
The set is bomb; the direction sets it all off; the night is poppin.

Go because you're so narcissistic, you wanna know yourself better when the show is over.  Because they will show yourself to you.

Go because you want to be entertained wildly while you're being informed widely.  Because these guys can handle that.

Go because you have been hiding behind screens too long.  Because they will put on and then take off all the social masks you got.

Or just go because I said so.  Cause this week is pretty tough so far, and it would make me feel better if you went cause of me.

Or go because Los Angeles should require that its theatre be at this level, and we should not let shows of this caliber languish in half-empty theatres while we are watching SYTYCD.

Go - because you are not excused.  The word begins.

The Word Begins Trailer from Hip-Hop Theater Festival on Vimeo.
Praise for The Word Begins:

Nominated for Three Helen Hayes Awards:
Best Acting, Best Writing and Best Original Production

" a touch of Genius" - Norman Lear*

"vignettes crackle with pinpoint veracity..." - Washington Post

"...riotous and perceptive..."  - Washington Times*

"a frantic mix of theatre, spoken word and comedy" – DC Theatre Scene*

"a unique theatrical experience" - Falls Church News-Press

“a cheerful, spoken-word romp” - Time Out New York*

"the perfect combination of soul and science" - Quincy Jones

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