Monday, 28 February 2011

Monday's Quote - Me!

"The problem with The Secret is, well, apart from the other problems, that it stringently requires visualization in order for manifestation to occur.  However, visualization is then limited to the individual’s imagination.  And life, life is infinite, and full of surprises, detours, and serendipities we could never envision.  I surmise that this insistence on prevision might actually make life more ordinary and less rich.  One must leave room for the beauty brought about by complete release of the will."

- E. Amato

I'm quoting myself here.  Why?  Well, cause I ran outta quotes from actually cool people?  Not so much.  Partially because lately my life has taken some very strange turns and detours I could not have imagined.  I could not have imagined them, at all, but if not for them, these sort of "mistakes" that life throws at us, some possibly new roads would not exist.  And partially because I'm curious if this is true for anyone else.

Have you ever been so pleasantly surprised by a twist or turn in life that it actually shook your foundation?  (There's a handy comments section below.)

Perhaps this also has to do with seeing The Sunset Limited at Rogue Machine this past weekend.  A two-hander about faith, the play by Cormac McCarthy is not perfect, but brings up so many interesting issues about the difference between what we think we see and who it is that is doing the seeing.  That doesn't agree grammatically, but I'm fairly sure that is what I mean.  It runs one more month and the performances are vibrant and the production crisp. 

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