Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Tis the season to GIVE!

It's a good time to give!

Micro-donations make a difference - so don't feel like you can't give!  Even donations as small as a dollar add up if you spread the word, too!

In the spirit of the season, here are a few places your donations will make a contribution to the quality of life of many people.


Los Angeles' public radio station and one of the best radio stations in the world.  They bring culture to Los Angeles, and they tie together all the different cultural media and institutions.  At the moment I'm crushing on Edward Goldman's Art Talk, but who can live without Evan Kleiman's Good Food, or MBE w/Jason Bentley, and my always personal fave - Jeremy Sole?


Giving shelter to women who need it in times of trouble.  Think on it - this is very necessary.


Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center has been holding down poetry in Venice for DECADES.  What other poetry venue can you think of that has kept it together for so long and brought out so many voices from our local scene?  They are going through some radical transition and need dollars and members to transform into the 21st Century organization they are going to become.

United States Artists

A micro-financing site for artists of all disciplines with projects they are hoping to fund.  Just scroll through and pick a project you'd like to see come to fruition.  Imagine it was that easy to get your project going...it is!

All of these are practically one-click donatable!

Feel free to suggest your own below!

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