Saturday, 6 June 2009

5 rites

I’m vowing to be a better blogger.  I know I’m sporadic.  I do put a lot of energy into poetry and other writing.  I admit to a kind of stage fright having such a public blog.  I’m still more comfortable with my Myspace blog, where I can set limits on who sees things, and Facebook notes which are only viewable by friends.  A lot of people asked me to start a public blog, so I did, but it still feels like the time I dyed my hair.  Weird and not mine.  However, I’m going to make a new attempt to get over the resistance and just write it down!
About a year ago, talking with my friend Susan Marque, I mentioned something about taking EPO (Evening Primrose Oil).  She asked why I took it and I said I had taken it for years, to even things out.  She asked why I just didn’t do the 5 Tibetan Rites?
I’d never heard of these.   She said she did them daily and I could look them up and do them.  They are said to balance the endocrine system.  I couldn’t believe that for all of my yoga-ing and vegetarianism and Eastern spiritual bent this was hidden from me for so long.
I began doing them the next day.  I kept it up for about 2 months and really felt a difference.  Then came the Fringe and the craziness of those first months in London and I dropped it completely.
Again, speaking with Susan, she mentioned them a few weeks ago.  And suddenly a little bell went off in my head.  Why had I stopped?  Wasn’t I looking for some compact daily stretching and exercising?  Walking is constant here and great exercise, but still there needs to be some daily practise to back it up.
I started the next day.  They say you do not feel any effects for the first week, but my body and mind responded immediately.  As if they had been waiting for me to restart.  I felt immediately stronger, sharper and more centered.  I’ve been doing the 5 Rites daily since and am slowly increasing the repetitions. 
You can google “5 Tibetan Rites” and come up with loads of sites and video on it.  Here’s one I found helpful:

With all my newfound energy, maybe I'll start putting pictures in, too!  ; )

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