Monday, 24 December 2012

Quote of the Week - Cooper

“As an actor, you want to feel like you have a partner. Someone who wants you to jump on your own, but they’re also falling with you. You can’t be coddled, but you want to feel safe enough to jump.”

- Bradley Cooper 

Same in life.  Cultivating safe partnerships and safe spaces gives a new kind of freedom.  We've been hard at work on this over at the Zestyverse and we've discovered a bold and sexy that grows right out of safety, comfort, and shared vision and doesn't require over exposure.

Expect new tings for 2013.  We are, we do, and we will be bringing them, too.

(Thanks to Judith Weston Studio's Facebook page for this from an LA Times article on Silver Linings Playbook.  Cooper is talking about his director, David O. Russell.)

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