Sunday, 4 November 2012

Quote of the Week - Roche

"Dare to be intimate with life, find the courage to be tender, and move through this world in touch with the innermost soul." 
- Dr. Lorin Roche

If you want to live a creative life, then intimacy needs to be an open relationship.  One you have with your senses and your intellect and your values (what you might choose to call spirit, or soul, but truly what those define are your core values).  This quote speaks to that and also gives you a way to practice it.

Gentleness in process is a very courageous thing.  It says that you trust yourself and the world around you enough to move at a pace that allows you to engage with heart and mind and body, without pushing yourself, or pulling others in with you.  You are the opposite of the proverbial bull in a china shop; you are a Prima Ballerina in a Swarovski store where you are illuminated by the sparkling crystals all around you and not a hair, or an ornament ends up out of place.  It's a dance requiring grace, patience, light and practice!

This innermost soul, this namaste - these are values.  If we're honest, we all want to set our main core value to love.  We just want to set it there and leave it there.  If we're honest, most of us fail in the doing.  Here is a reminder to check in with that place in you that is the caretaker of who you intend to be.  Do it often.

This comes from this month's issue of my fave mag LA Yoga.  I've quoted Dr. Roche before, and I think this whole article bears reading.  It's on p.42 of the digital version.

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